What is our photo sharing platform?

A complete solution for taking, tagging and delivering event photos.

  • Participants

    Free event photos are now seen as important as a finish line medal, t-shirt and goody bag. Runners love receiving and sharing free photos.

  • Sponsors

    Sponsors connect with participants, creating brand awareness, loyalty and positive affiliation. All backed up with in depth analytics and reporting.

  • Event Organisers

    Photos are your most valuable marketing asset. Giving them away leads to happy, loyal customers and tangible returns for your sponsors.

Photo from the Ripon Tour Sportive

Awesome Features

Everything you need in one platform ...

  • Focus on Sharing

    One click share to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Value for Sponsors

    Help monetise your event photography by adding value for your sponsors

  • Metrics and Reports

    Detailed reports to demonstrate return on investment and success against KPIs

  • Cross Promotion

    Upsell entries to your next event and sell merchandise.

  • Full Admin Portal

    Manage every aspect of your event photos and and their branding.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our support team are happy to help and advise you.

How It Works

Uploading and sharing your event photos couldn't be simpler

Our intuitive platform allows you to upload, tag, announce and share your event photos ...

Five Easy Steps ...

  • Step 1 - add your event and sponsorship details

  • Step 2 - upload your event photos

  • Step 3 - announce your photos by email and social media

  • Step 4 - Sit back and relax as your event imagery goes viral

  • Step 5 - View your statistics reports and send them to your sponsors

Your Event By Numbers

The statistics below are for a typical 2,000 person event.

Photo Views

40,000 photo views


6,000 unique users


1,000 facebook shares

Eyes on Your Brand

50,000 new eyes on your brand


We have packages to suit every event size.


  • 1 Event Brand
  • 1 Event
  • 1 Album
  • 1000 Photos
  • 1 Sponsor


  • 1 Event Brand
  • 1 Event
  • Unlimited Albums
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Unlimited Sponsors


  • 1 Event Brand
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Albums
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Unlimited Sponsors


  • White label
  • Custom design
  • Custom development
  • Sponsorship Hooks
  • Revenue Generating