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Splat Quack GO - The Black Ditch 4

15 September 2019

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Welcome to Splat Quack GO - The Black Ditch 4

Home to the infamous, muddiest ‘Black Ditch’, boggy swampy streams, where you will be caked in mud. Over 40 obstacles including Walls, Monkey Bars, A-Frames, Cargo Nets, Balance Beams and plenty of funny and super fun challenges. The course is set out in a 6km loop. You can choose on the day to do 1 or two laps, though we find most people end up doing one lap as its quite a challenging course. All runners will receive a free T-Shirt. You’ll also receive a solid metal medal. This is our SECOND adult event of the year, with some different obstacles and a different course route.

OUR RACES ARE DESIGNED TO BE FUN! Their are no penalties and the course is suitable for both beginners and those who wish to be tested. Many obstacles will have beginner options, such as small walls and high walls.

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